Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More News

Things are clicking along at the Rancho and the shop. We wanted to pass the latest news on things so here we go.

Parking is going to be very tight so leave the Canyonero. We want everyone to be close to the event and have planned the lot around the number of racers, but it is a first time venue and lot of people want to come to out so please help us out. Directions to the ranch are posted on bike reg link below.


Racers, Pre-Ride Participants and Volunteers will be issued a number plate when you come for any one of the Packet Pickup Dates (see registration page for those dates/times). Everyone will need to have their number plate on their bikes when they ride during pre-ride days.


Do not lose your number plate. There will be a $50 re-issue fee if you lose it and require a new number issued.


Please respect the privacy of the residence that is out at the ranch. We ask that you not go near the house/garage area. Respecting this request will be one way to ensure that we are invited back in the future.


A posters of the race maps be on display at the race. If you would like to download and print a copy in advance (the course runs clockwise).

Cat 1/2/3 course:

Junior 12/10 and Under course: