Pro/Amateur Team Area

As we have done in past editions we will have dedicated areas for professional and amateur teams. All professional teams bringing race rigs/requiring trailers or that want to set-up in the Pro Team area must register with Ted Arnold, Team Liaison, to insure your spot. This will also allow us to make sure proper resources are allocated for the event. Ted AT Mellow Johnnys Dot Com.

Amateur teams and Texas teams are not required to register, HOWEVER, you will be required to set up in dedicated area to insure enough space is a available for everyone attending, parking, etc. Your area is in the powerline section on both left and right side of Ulrich road.

Please keep space tight between your Pop-ups and don't set up outside of amateur team area in parking area or in UCI Tech Zone/Pro Team Area. Please note that amateur/Texas team area has not dedicated parking/you can't have a vehicle at your tent. Once you offload your heavy gear you'll have to park in dedicated parking area nearby.

Amateur teams can load in beginning Friday, March 1, 2012, and spaces are first come basis--amateur area will be marked with a boundary but no dedicated spaces, first come first serve. Please help us by only using the amount of space necessary We reserve the right to ask you to move/adjust your set-up if you're in the wrong area.

Load in for pro teams will be coordinated by email but  will begin Thursday afternoon.