Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Update

We wanted to check-in and give all of you some updates on the Mellow Johnny's Classic. Our first rounds of meetings have been completed and all we're hard at work. The biggest questions of course are based on registration being opened and how many spots.

No exact hard numbers on total riders yet, but the racing this Spring will take place on 2 days. Category 3 (beginner) riders and the Pro riders will race on Saturday May 29, while the remaining classes will race on Sunday May 30. Having the event on 2 days will afford more racers the chance to participate. We'll update again soon on exact registration information and dates.

Just like last fall we've chosen to bring back the parts of the event that everyone loved, like the expo and kick-off party. With a stronger interest in the race the all of the events surrounding the race will be even bigger and better, plus we'll also be adding more events to keep the fun level pinned all weekend.

For those of you making a weekend of the event and doing some planning take a look at the logistics page from last years event. It will help with hotel room selection and such, also for those coming as a group there are lots of vacation home rentals and B&B's in the hill country, particularly in Wimberly which is a bit closer to the ranch than Austin.

We'll check back in soon.